Rumors have been heating up about reality star Khloe Kardashian dating rapper French Montana since she formally split from her estranged husband NBA player Lamar Odom. Both Khloe and French have been playing coy about the pairing, but it seems that they have been spending quite a bit of time together lately.

Now, we’ve learned that Khloe is having “so much fun” with the rapper. Reportedly, they are “casually dating” after she filed for divorce from Lamar back in December. A source said of Khloe and French’s relationship, “Khloe is totally with him. She’s having so much fun with him. She wasn’t sure at first where things would lead but he treats her amazingly. That makes her feel really good. She deserves that.”

In Los Angeles recently, the duo have been spotted spending numerous dates together and they even went to Arizona together for a night out with some of their friends. The source said, “She’s not taking it too seriously, just having fun.”

A snitch close to Lamar said that he has been keeping busy and is “unimpressed” by her ability to move on so quickly from their marriage of four years. The source added, “He thinks Khloe is just doing this to get to him. He’s furious.”

Perhaps he should’ve given that some serious thought before he betrayed her trust and cheated on her with numerous women? In addition, he stayed drugged up throughout a good portion of their marriage, leaving her to try to cover that up for him. It stands to reason that they are better off apart, doesn’t it? What do you think?

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