Khloe Kardashian Offered $125,000 To Have DNA Test Done

Since there has been so much fuss surrounding who is actually Khloe Kardashian’s biological father, a radio station has offered to up the ante.

Her father’s former wives, Ellen Kardashian and Jan Ashley have both said that the late Robert Kardashian told them both that he wasn’t actually her biological father. Since, her entire family has had something to say about the rumors.

Previously on their reality show, Khloe and her mother Kris Jenner took a DNA test so that Khloe could have irrefutable proof that she wasn’t adopted. The only problem with that was the fact that she only had herself and her mother tested. Her DNA wasn’t compared to that of her other siblings to prove that she is actually a Kardashian.

With the National Enquirer’s latest cover, they’ve got people thinking that O.J. Simpson is actually Khloe’s father. They’ve put a photo of her next to a photo of O.J.’s daughter, Sydney and there is a slight resemblance.

Now, The Opie & Anthony Show is offering to put their money where their mouth is! They are offering Khloe a staggering $250,000 to undergo DNA testing to prove that she is Robert Kardashian’s biological father.

Should Khloe go through with it and have the testing done? It would be an easy way to cash in if she’s right. What do you think?

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Khloe Kardashian Offered $125,000 To Have DNA Test Done was last modified: January 19th, 2012 by Megan Lindsey
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  • Mammarattzi

    “They are offering Khloe a staggering $250,000 to undergo DNA testing to prove that she is Robert Kardashian’s biological father.”….um, I seriously doubt ANY test on the planet can prove THAT (any editors out there looking for a job? i think there’s an opening @ EarSucker?)

    • Wilda_ls

      I would take that money & slap they ass with it.

    • Mammarattzi

      bottom line…if Khloe is smart she has a quick 250K in her already fat bank account. she simply CAN NOT be anyone’s FATHER. EarSucker get you’re $#!+ together stat or your gonna be closing your doors quickly. We’re not ask for Dan Rather quality journalism here, just  that your stupid gossip at least make some sense.

  • Wilda_ls

    I doubt that Khleo Kardashian is not Robert Kardashian’s daugher, some ppl are so damm freaking ridiculous to think such crap. Come on ppl so what if she’s not? She’s rich now, does it matter if she is or not? WTF wrong with you people. Get real, I’m pretty sure most of you are not your FATHER”S child huh up. Poor baby girl @such old age to get involve in this baby not this not that. shut the F up