Khloe Kardashian Worried About French Montana’s Partying

Khloe Kardashian Worried About French Montana's Partying

Reality TV actress Khloe Kardashian is said to be super concerned about the level of partying that her boyfriend French Montana is doing. Even though they have only been dating for roughly four months, Khloe is worried that his social life may just ruin their relationship.

A source revealed, “She’s starting to wake up [to the situation].”

Kris Jenner is also said to be angered by French’s activities and thinks Khloe would be better off without him and staying single for a while. The source said, “[Kris] thinks [Khloe] needs to be single because she worries that Khloe just got out of a marriage.”

Despite that, Khloe has already defended her status as French’s new girlfriend. She said, “People are gonna comment no matter what. If I dated the most clean-cut, perfect guy they’re gonna comment. So if I’m having fun and dating this kid…they’re no f***ing him, so why should they care?”

With regard to her new squeeze, the reality star added, “He puts out more of the tough exterior, that’s who he is. But there’s also a different side of him. He could be a softie sometimes. I’ve learned from my past that you’ve gotta keep some things more private and a little more close to your heart.”

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