Khloe & Kim Kardashian Annoy Scott Disick

Khloe & Kim Kardashian Annoy Scott Disick

It appears that Scott Disick was not impressed with Khloe and Kim Kardashian during the filming of the season premiere of “Kim & Kourtney Take Miami”. During the episode, Khloe and the girls from DASH are getting drunk when Kim shows up to hang out. Scott, taking care of his daughter Penelope with Kourtney, gets seemingly annoyed at the partying lifestyle that is going on under his nose. Also of note, in the video, Kim is shown holding a glass with a green beverage. Of course that would be Midori — because she has a deal with them to shill for their brand.

Khloe tried to get Scott to join in on the festivities, but he wasn’t feeling it. She yelled to him from the dining room, “Scott, come here!”

Scott told Kourtney, “I’m chilling” as they were both looking after their daughter. Still, Khloe tried to persist. She said, “Being in Miami, it’s a girls’ night. Let’s have some drinks! It’s a celebration any time Kim is drinking and hanging out.”

Scott then gestures to the wall that divides both lifestyles and said, “We have two different lifestyles from this end of the room to that end of the room.”

In the party room with the girls, Khloe asks them, “Who lies about an abortion? You lie about not having one.” Then, Kim says, “These jello shots are amazing.”

Annoyed, Scott says, “Behind this is a family. Behind that side is a mockery.”

He couldn’t be more right. Behind that side is a mockery of EVERYTHING. Will you be tuning in for the latest season of “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami” when it premieres this Sunday?

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