Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happiness (both video versions)

I honestly thought I posted this here before, but I guess this will be the first time, my bad. I saw Kid Cudi’s “party video” version for his new song Pursuit of Happiness about a week ago and it struck me as a very cerebral subject that breaks away from the hip-hop pack in a very refreshing way. And now I learned that he made an alternate video version of the same song and to be honest, this one is so much better. I’ve embedded both here with my thoughts, enjoy!

In this version, the inability to escape from his couch is a pretty powerful statement about the weak feelings a lot of smart people get when their life goes nowhere day after day no matter how much energy they put into creating opportunity.

This version of the video is more bubbly and could be mistaken for a self-congratulating piece, if not for the twist at the end. I think the meaning of the song passed over a lot of people with this version, which may explain why there is now an alternate. Kid Cudi gets a lot of respect from me for making people think about what he’s saying in his songs, he seems like an artist I could genuinely have a philosophical discussion with and come away with a deeper level of meaning (that’s a huge compliment coming from me). Bravo to him and I wish him the best of luck in finding that happiness wherever it may be. (special thanks to reddit for providing the link)

UPDATE: the videos got yanked from Vimeo for some reason right after we posted this, so I updated the links to use YouTube. Looks like our nasty lawyer friends reading stuff on the internets again, YAY! \o/

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