Kim Kardashian Angry Over Bruce Jenner’s Reported Sex Change

Kim Kardashian Angry Over Bruce Jenner's Reported Sex Change

As you may have already heard, there are rumors floating around stating that Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change operation. He has already had a laryngeal shave (shaving down the Adam’s Apple), but reportedly, he wants to take things a step further. His step-daughter Kim Kardashian is super upset over his decision because she wants all of the media’s focused on her! Wahhhhhh.

A source revealed that Kim is selfish enough to believe that her step-father is out to steal her thunder. The source said, “Kim is fed up over having to field questions about Bruce wanting to be a woman. She thinks he’s trying to steal her thunder.”

So ponder this for a moment: If Bruce Jenner was really trying to undergo gender reassignment surgery, then you know he would’ve had to have thought about that for quite some time. That is not a decision that one could possibly take lightly or just do at the drop of a hat. If that’s the case, then she would be super SUPER selfish to think that he would be doing this now just to take away media coverage of her stupid life or her stupid wedding to Kanye West. Is she really that vapid?

Kim and Kanye are planning to tie the knot this summer in Paris, France. Of course, the wedding will be televised and Kimye will make millions from it. The snitch added, “She can’t believe that Bruce can’t hold off until next year.”

Yes, because the entire world revolves around her gigantic butt, right?

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