Kim Kardashian Announces Second Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian Announces Second Pregnancy

Reality star Kim Kardashian has announced that she and rapper Kanye West are expecting their second child together. Unfortunately for her, she has also announced that she is suffering from some pretty bad morning sickness.

Her special baby news was completely overshadowed (ha!) by Caitlyn Jenner’s huge Vanity Fair magazine cover revealed. Sources close to the Kardashian clan said that the family was miffed that Caitlyn wouldn’t leave Kim’s huge news to be played out in the media until we were all sick of it. Caitlyn claimed she wasn’t trying to be spiteful to the reality star’s news, but was also afraid that the cover would leak to the media before the big reveal.

Despite all of that, Kim has revealed that she’s doing things differently this time around, which means no donuts. In addition, despite promoting an energy drink, she can’t drink any of it since she learned of her pregnancy.

She revealed, “I have a slight case of laryngitis and I can’t take antibiotics so I’m doing the best I can with natural remedies.”

On the topic of the energy drink that she’s promoting, she said, “I haven’t had since I found out, but I used to drink it every morning when I got up. I’m not a big coffee drinker but when I’m getting up at 5 a.m. to work out, which is when I get it done, I need something to get me going. That’s when I was heavily working out, which is not happening right now!”

She continued, “I’m not looking to keep up that pre-pregnancy energy level this time. I think you need to go with being tired, with what your body tells you, and rest when you need to. I’m at that stage of pregnancy where everything is making me sick, even just the smell of things. But once I get past that, I’m really going to try to enjoy this pregnancy more and relax with it. And skip the donuts! With my first pregnancy I had a donut every morning. That’s not a good idea. I feel like I’m eating much healthier this time.”

Lastly, she talked about seeking different shoes for the duration of her pregnancy. She added, “I hate the way I look in flats but heels can be hard during pregnancy. I’m already thinking, ‘What am I going to do? That’s the hardest thing in pregnancy when it comes to style.'”

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