Kim Kardashian Calls Her Brother Rob A Loser

Kim Kardashian Calls Her Brother Rob A Loser

There has been a lot of sibling rivalry going on between Kim Kardashian and her brother Rob, the most that we’ve ever noticed. We can only attribute that to his upcoming spot on Dancing With The Stars. Perhaps he really will work his butt off (spoiler alert: probably not) so that he can beat Kim’s standing on the show. Not that it would take much, right?

Kim has decided to take a dig at Rob, calling him a loser! She took aim at her brother, for not having a job and even made mention of their 15-year-old sister, Kendall, who made more money from her career as a model.

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In a new episode of their craptastic reality show, she said, “You’re a loser, Rob. Even Kendall earns more than you.”

After calling her a “whore” (YES!), he calmed himself down and admitted that he had to think about his future career path and said that he considered becoming an attorney, just like his father.

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When talking to his mother, Kris, Rob said, “I need to think about what I’m going to do. All my friends are graduating from law school, that’s what I wanted to do, that’s what my dad did, but it’s too late for me now.”

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Should he just release a sex tape like Kim did? It’s not like she’s offering him any advice as far as his career options…unless you count what she does by her actions. Then the path is clear: Film sex tape, sell it, lie about it and PROFIT!

What do you think?

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