Kim Kardashian Claims She’s Worked Hard For Her Success

Kim Kardashian Claims She's Worked Hard For Her Success

Kim Kardashian apparently wants all of to forget how she really rose to fame and insists that she has worked super hard to get where she is. Rewind back to 2007 when “Kim Kardashian: Superstar” was released by Vivid Entertainment. She got famous for getting peed on in a sex tape that supposedly “leaked” onto the internet. She didn’t work hard for what she has, she’s just got a really good team behind her.

Still, Kim wants all of her legions of fans to think that she’s such a hard worker bee. In a new interview, Kim said, “Yes we are three girls that grew up in Beverly Hills. But people have seen in our show we all worked hard, really hard, to get to where we are. We all had jobs working in stores since 16.”

Uh huh. Poor little rich girls who grew up in Beverly Hills with silver spoons in their mouths. Working in a store just prepared them for their lives of superficial stupidity. Yet, Kim is still trying to encourage people to follow in her footsteps. She said, “I would definitely encourage people to go into business. But they have to make sure it is a business that makes sense. You have to really believe in it, fine-tune it, have the right people, stay committed and go for it.”

So in essence, is she encouraging girls to release their very own sex tapes?

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