Kim Kardashian Covers Us Weekly In A Bikini

Kim Kardashian Covers Us Weekly In A Bikini

Kim Kardashian graces the latest cover of Us Weekly — in a bikini, no less. Does she look different to you? It can’t be just us, right? Did the photoshopper in charge of this cover go crazy with the effects or has Kim gotten something done to her face? We’re going with Photoshop, what do you think?

Kim is now claiming to be a size 2, because we weren’t flabbergasted enough when her gigantic rear-end claimed to be a 4 last year. If her waist is a 2, then her butt must be a 22.

Here’s the scoop on her feature in the tabloid:

Steers clear of sugar
The onetime sweets lover has dropped refined sugar from her diet. “Changing my eating habits makes a big difference,” the E! star tells US of keeping her size-2 body trim. Her healthy menu? “I wake up and eat eggs with turkey bacon, then salad for lunch and fish, pasta or chicken for dinner.

Goes organic
The newly single 5-foot-2 star has been inspired by big sister Kourtney, 32. “She’s taught me to eat more organically,” admits Kardashian, who has also downed wheatgrass shots with her sis. “She’s a bit extreme, but slowly I’m learning to love it.”

Sweats it out – hard!
There are no water breaks during the 31 year-old’s hour-long sessions with Gunnar Peterson. “Every minute is accounted for,” says the trainer. “You go from running to pull-ups to lunges to crunches to overhead presses. You get more work done in the same time.”

Can’t you just imagine Kim running around for EVERY minute, trying to work that butt off? Us neither, because, obviously, that gigantic scary thing is still behind her.

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