Kim Kardashian Cuts Bruce Jenner Out Of Her Life?

Kim Kardashian Cuts Bruce Jenner Out Of Her Life?

According to some of the latest drivel from In Touch Weekly, reality star Kim Kardashian has cut her former stepfather Bruce Jenner out of her life completely. What would cause Kim to do that? Well, apparently it has a lot to do with his divorce from her mother Kris Jenner. The tabloid claims that Kim was so upset over their divorce along with his secretive gender transition that she doesn’t want anything else to do with him.

A source told the publication, “She feels betrayed that he didn’t tell her about his big change sooner. She feels it was selfish of him. And if you wrong Kim, which she feels Bruce has, she cuts you off. Shutting out Bruce right when he needs her support more than ever proves exactly how cold Kim can be.”

The tabloid revealed that Kim was ready to cut him off completely when she learned that her mother and the former Olympian had gone their separate ways. The source added, “In Kim’s world, if you mess with her mom, you’re pretty much dead to her. That’s how she thinks of Bruce now.”

We don’t doubt that Kim Kardashian is so self absorbed that she would cut Bruce Jenner from her life completely, but would she do it over his gender transition? It’s hard to buy into a story that is sold on her betrayal over someone else’s life choices. Is she really THAT selfish that she thinks the entire world revolves around her and no one else’s happiness matters?

What do you think?

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