Kim Kardashian Destroyed By Her Mother, Kris Jenner?

Kim Kardashian Destroyed By Her Mother, Kris Jenner?

It wouldn’t be a good week of tabloids if one of them didn’t feature something about the Kardashian family for us to rip apart. Thanks to In Touch Weekly, we’ve got the story on how sex tape star Kim Kardashian was destroyed by her mother, Kris Jenner.

An ex tells the tabloid all about how Kim was destroyed by her mother at a young age. She went from a “fun-loving kid to famewhore”. They talk about how Kim was pressured to have sex at 14-years-old by her mother. In addition, Kim was brainwashed by her mother’s obsession with money. They also reveal how Kris Jenner’s secret demons turned Kim into a monster!

Yes, but was she pressured to have her face injected so much that it can barely move? I mean, even when she cried, she looked plastic and fake. How about the “alleged” butt fillers? And the sex tape? Was all of that engineered by Kris’ greed for the spotlight and all of the money that goes along with it?

Also featured in this issue is Heidi Klum “betrayed by a cheater”. In addition to that, Johnny Depp was caught with his publicist (having a conversation?). They also cover the sad story of how Teen Mom Leah Messer lost her babies. Sad!

Was Kim really brainwashed by her mother? What do you think? Hit the comments with your thoughts and let us know!

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