Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want To Look Too Armenian

Kim Kardashian Doesn't Want To Look Too Armenian

Way to bash your heritage, Kim Kardashian – We’re sure your father would be so proud!

To illustrate our points in this post, we’ve included a before and after photo just so you can see what Kim looked like before she *didn’t* have plastic surgery. (Uh huh.)

Kim says that she has perfected a pose that stops her nose from looking “too Armenian”. She has Armenian from her deceased father, Robert Kardashian’s side, but says that she tilts her face to minimize the look.

She said, “I went to a plastic surgeon and said ‘Give me the works!’ to see if I could get my Armenian nose corrected and he said he wouldn’t do it as I didn’t need it. But in some photographs it looks a little too Armenian, so you’ll notice that I always keep my face tilted down to stop the shadows.”

Why lie? People can obviously tell that you’ve had something done. Don’t be ridiculous!

Still, even though she got turned down, the doctor offered to do the surgery on her sister Kourtney. She added, “Funnily enough, the plastic surgeon said he’d do my sister Kourtney’s nose, even though she was only there to hold my hand. It was very funny!”

A plastic surgeon who turns down money for a surgery because someone doesn’t need it??!? Unheard of. If that was the case, most of Beverly Hills would be old and saggy looking by now. Elective procedures, moron. Does she think we’re stupid???

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