Kim Kardashian got bikini waxes at age 12

Kim Kardashian got bikini waxes at age 12

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she started getting bikini waxes at the young age of only twelve.

She said, “Literally, at twelve years old, I had a bikini wax. I had an appointment once a month on a specific day, like every Friday we’d go and get the inside of our brows waxed and a bikini wax.”

Now, she says she uses laser hair removal treatments to deal with unwanted hair. She said, “I used to have my own wax kit at home and i used to just wax all the time. If you look at pictures of me from even three years ago I had like two inches of baby hairs on my forehead, but they weren’t thick enough to slick back, so they were permanently down and I would wax them all the time and now I lasered them and now they don’t come back.”

She added, “And then when my hair was up in a ponytail I used to have hair on my neck and I had it lasered off. I’m like, obsessed with hair removal.”

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