Kim Kardashian Hits Rock Bottom

Kim Kardashian Hits Rock Bottom

Apparently Life & Style magazine really wants people to feel sorry for reality television star Kim Kardashian. Kim is featured front and center on the latest issue of the tabloid with the headline, “I am so alone”. Kinda makes you think she has a heart, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled! The last time we got fooled by this twit, she got married to Kris Humphries on TV for millions and then turned around and divorced him after only 72 days. We aren’t sympathetic, Kim.

Also of note is that Kim has Google Alerts set to her name, so there’s a good chance that she’s reading this right now and calling us a bunch of haters. According to the magazine, Kim is “undateable, losing millions, gained 15 pounds and has no friends.”

Before you join the pity party, just know that Kim has likely signed off on that story to take the focus off of her high profile wedding sham so that the public will feel sorry for her. We’re onto you, Kim.

Is Kim Kardashian really headed for a breakdown? Do you care? Sound off in the comments!

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