Kim Kardashian is lazy

Kim Kardashian is lazy

Now that Kim Kardashian has effectively used her status as a sex tape star to catapult her into superstardom, she has enough money to buy 800 car washes. But does she? No, this broad doesn’t even want to spring for a single car wash. Why, might you ask? It’s because she’s lazy! Duh.

The only thing this girl isn’t lazy about is keeping her name in the media. For that, she releases stupid quotes at least 50 times weekly. So, you’re welcome, in advance.

In a new message on Twitter, the reality TV personality (for lack of better terms) said that she’s too lazy to wash her own car. Dull, but stupid, so we write it up.

She tweeted, “I love when my car is dirty and it starts to rain! Makes me not feel so bad for my car being dirty! I love the free car wash.”

Having money makes you stupid, obviously.

Kim Kardashian is lazy was last modified: March 25th, 2011 by Jed Eckert
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  • mmm

    She was obviously just joking.
    Do you have to say stupid in every sentence? Because you don’t sound that intelligent either. LAME!!!

    • Anonymous

      Obviously, we are NOT fans.