Kim Kardashian Is Lying About Her Pregnancy?

Kim Kardashian Is Lying About Her Pregnancy?

Reality star Kim Kardashian has made a career off of lying to people, so why wouldn’t she continue the lying tradition when it comes to her pregnancy. Remember when she denied leaking her own sex tape in order to get famous? Exactly our thoughts.

Our pals at Celeb Dirty Laundry have a good running theory on why Kim has decided to lie about her due date. It’s because she wants to have liposuction and get rid of all of the baby weight before revealing that she’s given birth. Of course it has to do with profit, who didn’t see that writing on the wall! From the source:

Kanye West’s baby mama was overheard telling friends at fashion stylist Monica Rose’s baby shower. If that’s true she’d be over seven months pregnant right now. Page Six went on to hypothesize that Kim could be lying so she could hide out and have the baby, take the extra month to lose weight quickly and be back looking closer to her old self around the time she announces the faux birth.

She is really good at selling herself out for the almighty dollar, isn’t she? We smell a huge push to get a deal with a weight loss company stemming from this pregnancy. We already know that she’s likely to own one of those prosthetic bumps (come on now, don’t be naive) and she would wear that for the time being to make people think that she needs [enter weight loss company name here] to help her shed the excess pounds.

It’s all really nefarious, isn’t it? Read the full story over at Celeb Dirty Laundry and then come back and let us know what you think.

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