Kim Kardashian isn’t doing a full album

Kim Kardashian isn't doing a full album

Just when you thought that Kim Kardashian would be trying to follow the Paris Hilton road to super celebrity status, think again.

Kim says that she only recorded one song (because she sucks) and that’s it. She has revealed that she is not planning on doing anything else with music (because she sucks) and the single was a one-time thing (because she sucks).

Hollywood Life reports:

Kim Kardashian’s first ever song titled, “Turn It Up”, may also be her very last song, she confessed to MTV’s The Seven. “Basically, Ciara came to me and was like, ‘You’ve got to meet The-Dream,’” Kim gushed adding, “I was not into doing a song. I thought, ‘Everyone kind of tries that, and it doesn’t really work out so well.’ So I talked to friends like Kanye and a few of my other musical friends, like this is their life. They gave me good advice. They asked me what I do for fun, and I said, ‘I go shopping, I hang out with friends.’ And they said, ‘We go to the studio for fun. Come have fun with us. Don’t think too much about it.”

Thank God for the small things!

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