Kim Kardashian Keeping Kanye West Wedding Guests To A Minimum

Kim Kardashian Keeping Kanye West Wedding Guests To A Minimum

Despite what you may think about the size of Kim Kardashian’s wedding to rapper Kanye West, we’ve heard reports stating that they are keeping the guest list to a minimum.

She did say after her divorce from Kris Humphries that she would make things smaller the next time around, but we have also heard that she wants E! to pay them a whopping $15 million for the rights to film everything leading up to and after their wedding ceremony.

Reportedly, the couple is tying the knot on May 24th in Versailles, right outside of Paris. Afterward, they are said to be celebrating with a reception in Florence, Italy. Florence was rumored to be the city in which their daughter Nori was conceived.

According to the gossip, Kim and Kanye will be surrounded by guests who have “loved them for a long time” during their wedding ceremony. In case you’ve missed it, Kim arrived in Paris earlier today with her eleven month-old daughter Nori in tow. Not only that, but they were also accompanied by twelve large suitcases. After leaving Charles de Gaulle airport, Kim and Kanye met up for some ice cream in order to kick off their “wedding week”.

Kim and Kanye have narrowed their wedding guest list down to family and close friends, of which include Kim’s childhood friend Brittny Gastineau and her pal Serena Williams. A source close to the situation said, “The wedding is small and intimate. It’s not going to be a big blowout like her last one.”

The spy added, “This wedding is really about Kim and Kanye and people who have known and loved them for a long time. And everyone who is invited just can’t wait for the wedding week to begin!”

Are you excited for the pictures of their wedding to be sold to the media for the highest possible dollar amount? Surely, you had to know that they were going to profit quite nicely from their wedding. Pimp Mama Kris was already busy trying to negotiate a $4 million magazine deal. It’ll likely go to “People” and “Hello” magazines like the pictures did last time when she married Kris.

We’re sure Kanye is hoping that this marriage will last longer than 72 days…. Stay tuned…

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