Kim Kardashian Makes Diva Demands: $750K For An Endorsement!!

Kim Kardashian Makes Diva Demands: $750K For An Endorsement!!

This may come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but Kim Kardashian makes diva demands before she will endorse anything. If you want her to represent a product, be prepared to pay through the nose. This most likely isn’t a big surprise to anyone familiar with the reality star and wife of controversial rapper Kanye West. What may surprise people is just how demanding the reality diva really is.

According to, emails from Kardashian’s reps were found revealing just how much of a diva the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star really is. According to the juicy emails, the wannabe diva gets $750,000 to $1,000,000 to endorse a product. This isn’t the maximum amount that she will accept — this is the lowest amount that she will take to endorse anything.

If the high endorsement fee wasn’t enough, she has special travel demands. She has the gall to expect five first class tickets and one coach. Is the coach ticket for her daughter North or her husband? (Just kidding…) She also expects first class hotel accommodations, but standard rooms for other people involved. Isn’t she generous? She expects first class transportation, someone to greet her at the airport, security, etc. This is not all, either — there are more demands…

Her team needs to approve of the photographer as well as the photos taken. She also needs approval over who is going to be her stylist, makeup artist, and her PR person. If her demands aren’t met, they get the pleasure of getting her less than famous little sister Kendall. Kendall will settle for $500,000 to $1,000,000. Luckily she is used to being second banana.

These are a lot of demands for someone who is only known for what she has done in the bedroom. She is not famous enough on her own merit to demand these kinds of things. She may as well enjoy this while it lasts because someone else may be around with another sex tape and steal her spotlight. They also might not be as demanding as she is and then she will be a thing of the past like her former buddy Paris Hilton.

Submitted by Michele J.

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