Kim Kardashian Named 2014 Queen Of The Tabloids

Kim Kardashian Named 2014 Queen Of The Tabloids

Reality star Kim Kardashian has been named 2014’s Queen of the Tabloids, according to reports.

The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has topped Vanity Fair magazine’s Tournament of Covers list, granting the socialite the reigning title of Queen. According to the magazine, Kardashian appeared on 34 magazine covers from the tabloids in 2014.

Tied for second place was the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston – who both received 23 covers each. The Kardashian family was featured prominently throughout the entire year on magazine covers – taking up 20 percent of all magazine covers with a whopping total of 54 separate issues.

Kardashian recently took some rumors about herself and her family to task on Twitter. She said, “lets clear up some rumors before the new year…. I’m bored looking online and seriously don’t know where they come up with this stuff!”

First up were the always-present rumors that she and Kanye West were expecting their second child together. She said, “No I’m not pregnant.”

To the rumors making the rounds that she and West are having marriage troubles, she shot down those rumors while she was on the subject. She tweeted, “Kanye & I are not having marriage problems. We’re literally obsessed with each other!”

If you have heard reports that her sister Kourtney’s husband Scott Disick has shelled out some dough for a bachelor pad, she said that only part of that story is true. She tweeted, “Scott did NOT buy a bachelor pad in Bev Hills. He is starting a new business venture buying homes & renovating them to re-sell.”

And there you have it. Kardashian and West are doing fine and Disick is not leaving his girlfriend and mother of his children in order to venture forth with a partying lifestyle. What other rumors surrounding Kim and her family have you heard? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian’s Twitter]

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