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Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Twins By Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Twins By Kanye West?

Is reality star Kim Kardashian actually pregnant with twins by her current boyfriend Kanye West? “OK!” magazine seems to feel that that’s the case, so they’ve put her mug on the latest cover of their publication. As if there weren’t enough Kardashian drama that’s real to last a lifetime, this tabloid decides to give her not one — but two babies. Because we totally care about what exactly is populating this nitwit’s uterus, right?

We’re guessing that none of this was true, because Kris Humphries would be all over this mess in a New York minute. He would subpoena the fetus if he could just to get some cash out of their divorce. Speaking of which, Kris has already deposed Kanye in their divorce, but has yet to depose Kim.

They are really dragging it out. We’re going to start taking bets on who gives in first. Will she give in and give him an annulment or will he give in and just let her go already? What do you think?

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