Kim Kardashian Releases Gold Fragrance Promo Photo

Kim Kardashian Releases Gold Fragrance Promo Photo

Possibly in an effort to take the focus off of her craptastic new video for her stupid song, Jam (Turn It Up), Kim Kardashian has released the new promo ad for her latest fragrance, Gold.

Does anyone want to smell like Kim? I can’t even begin to imagine what she smells like…Can you?

This is a girl who funded the possibility of purchasing the rights to her infamous sex tape by selling out her wedding and everything attached to it — all in the name of the almighty dollar. (Allegedly). According to TMZ, it’s a “mystery buyer”. Uh huh. We see right through you, Kim.

Besides that, why would anyone want to take that tape off of the market four years after she got peed on and made famous? Why now? Why not before her wedding? It’s probably because she hadn’t yet made enough money famewhoring herself out to the masses (ie: E!).

It’s just further proof that Ryan Seacrest and that bunch hates us all. You heard it here first.

What do you think of the ad for her perfume? Lots of boobage, right? We wouldn’t complain if we didn’t have to look at her face. Speaking of her face, doesn’t it look oddly plastic? It’s almost as if she told them to use her Madame Tussaud’s wax figure…Am I right?

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