Kim Kardashian Releasing Her Fourth Fragrance, True Reflection

Kim Kardashian Releasing Her Fourth Fragrance!

Reality television personality Kim Kardashian is set to release her fourth fragrance, titled True Reflection, in the spring!

She has already shot the advertising campaign for the scent. In a new post on her official website, she said, “Here’s a pic from my new True Reflection fragrance ad campaign…. ultra glam! I LOVE red lips! My new fragrance comes out this spring and it is so different than my other fragrances! Xo.”

She has also spoken of her other fragrance, Gold, which she says reminds her of her father, Robert Kardashian. She said, “When my dad would go away on trips he always came back with a special perfume for me. I hated when he bought perfume for his girlfriends, but loved it when he bought me a glamorous bottle of his favorite scent of gardenia. So when I was developing Gold, I thought of him and other happy times in my childhood.”

Will you purchase Kim’s new fragrance? Or are you tired of all of the Kardashians making money on the unsuspecting public? Sound off in the comments!

Photo Credit: CPA

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