Kim Kardashian Reveals Origins Of The Name North West

Kim Kardashian Reveals Origins Of The Name North West

If you’re like us and were wondering exactly how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West came up with the name North West for their daughter; it’s simple. They asked some friends for the dumbest thing that would go with the surname West and went from there. Complex has the scoop:

According to an interview with Kim Kardashian in GQ, she was having lunch with Kanye West when Pharrell sauntered over and asked them if the rumors that they were naming their baby North were true. Because, according to Pharrell, it was “the best name.”

While Kim said they had not been seriously considering it before, the Pharrell seal of approval gave them more than a little pause. When Vogue editor Anna Wintour told them that same day that the name was “genius,” that sealed it.

They got approval from friends before naming their baby daughter after a direction. Beautiful.

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