Kim Kardashian Ripping Off Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Wedding Cake

Kim Kardashian Ripping Off Prince William & Kate Middleton's Wedding Cake

Because this broad thinks she’s the American version of royalty, Kim Kardashian is ripping off Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cake!

The sex tape star is gearing up for her August 20th wedding to Kris Humphries and lo and behold — she’s all out of ideas. Since she already thinks she’s a princess, she’s stealing their cake for her own. Ugh, total freaking copycat. Not only is she spending a metric ton of cash on the occasion, but now she’s mocking the royal couple. Stay classy, you guys.

The cake in question is a ten-tiered white cake with chocolate chip icing and black and white decorations. A source close to the sex tape star said, “Kim wants it to resemble Prince William and Duchess Kate’s!”

Ummm….We can’t exactly expect her to be original, I guess. And she’s already made it known that she wants her wedding to rival that of the Royal couple, so we would expect no less from someone who got famous for getting peed on.

The happy couple have already chosen the cake and it costs more than your car. Are you ready for this? These idiots splashed out $15,000 to $20,000 on a freakin’ cake. Morons.

It’s disgusting that they have all kinds of cash to just throw away like that. Sickening, even. What is she famous for again?!?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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