Kim Kardashian Selling Photos Of North West For Two Million?

Kim Kardashian Selling Photos Of North West For Two Million?

We kind of figured that it was only a matter of time before reality star Kim Kardashian was considering offers to sell off photos of her newborn daughter to the highest bidder!

Kanye West has been quite a private person since rising to fame as a rapper. He has a known dislike for the constant paparazzi presence that surrounds his girlfriend’s family. We were betting that Kim would take a deal to showcase their baby North West to a magazine for a hefty chunk of change.

Reportedly, she is in talks to sell the first pictures of North West for a cool two million dollars. A new report has surfaced that one of the weekly tabloids has already offered her the multi-million dollar deal. Is it People? Someone please say it’s People — because we totally called that.

Kanye is miffed over the idea of making money off of his new baby and doesn’t want any part of it. A source said, “Kanye isn’t no pimp and he damn sure isn’t about to pimp out his own daughter.”

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