Kim Kardashian Shows Post-Baby Bikini Body On Us Weekly Cover

Kim Kardashian Shows Post-Baby Bikini Body On Us Weekly Cover

Former sex tape star Kim Kardashian is showing off the goods on the cover of the newest copy of Us Weekly. She certainly wanted to hide her body when she was still knocked up by Kanye West, but now she is showing it off. So she is basically telling everyone that having all of the money under the sun is enough to get her body back in shape, right? That’s what we’re getting from this.

With all of the rumors of her having plastic surgery going around, it’s very likely that she has had some sort of work done. Weight Watchers didn’t want to go anywhere near her because of her bonking Ray-J on video, so we’re guessing that she’s taken the easy way out. Besides, what good would being a former sex tape star be if she couldn’t have a little nip and a small tuck here and there? We mean, seriously, look at this broad’s face as opposed to how she used to look when she still hung out with Paris Hilton.

Kim Kardashian Shows Post-Baby Bikini Body On Us Weekly Cover

If that isn’t the work of a really good, expensive plastic surgeon, then we’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

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  1. nonsequitur

    If you look really close you will see her nose is the same… her makeup is just drastically better, fake eyelashes, a lot of mascara to elongate her eyes, her chin line is the same and you can even see slight little laugh lines even in this early photo, also in the photo on the left she looks like she’s 25 years old, or younger.

    Makeup and hair nowadays does wonders, especially when you have the best of the best and they travel with you, I would also guess the photo on the left has no treatment to it, while the photo on the right, not only was shot with better lenses and lighting, but has been re touched…

    That said she has definitely had botox done, and her lips are probably the most affected.

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