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Kim Kardashian & Sisters Sued For $5 Million Over Quick Trim Pills

Kim Kardashian & Sisters Sued For $5 Million Over Quick Trim Pills

If you’ve walked down the weight loss/vitamin supplement aisle at your local grocery store, then chances are that you’ve seen Kim Kardashian’s pimping out job for Quick Trim.

Kim and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe have shilled the diet pills, claiming that they are losing all kinds of weight while taking them. Now, the sisters Kardashian are getting their lying bikinis sued off of them for a whopping $5 million by some New Yorkers who claim that their pills suck. Like there’s anything in the Kardashian existence that isn’t faked? Come on….caveat emptor, people.

According to the lawsuit, “The FDA has determined caffeine is not a safe or effective treatment for weight control.” Caffeine just happens to be the main ingredient in the pills. Go figure.

The lawsuit states that the Kardashians lied to the public since 2009 claiming that Khloe had “already lost so much weight”. Sure, pin that on the Wookie.

The plaintiffs in the suit claim that they wouldn’t have purchased the products if Kim and company hadn’t famewhored them out to the nth degree.

Like a pill could make Khloe lose weight…..whoever thought that should seriously consider a career in comedy. The public should’ve known better in purchasing anything these broads have slapped their names on. What do you think?

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