Kim Kardashian Teases Secret Project With Cara Delevingne

Kim Kardashian Teases Secret Project With Cara Delevingne

We aren’t sure how reality star Kim Kardashian and model Cara Delevingne are working together, but the twosome are involved in some sort of secret project.

Kardashian posted the above photo on her official Instagram account with the caption merely: “Secret project”. The picture shows both of them basically makeup free with what appears to be wet hair. They also appear to be in bathing suits. Kardashian tagged Delevingne along with Love magazine editor-in-chief Katie Eleanor Grand, prompting us to wonder if they will be appearing together in a shoot for the magazine.

On other Kardashian related news, the reality star was attacked by celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk while entering an event during Paris Fashion Week. She avoided a more recent attack by the prankster after beefing up her security measures. The prankster noted that he would have added to his efforts if his target had been Kim’s husband Kanye West, but said that he merely “hugged” Kim’s legs.

Even more recently, Kim and Kanye took their daughter North to a fashion event where they all sat in the front row. Kim and North were wearing matching black lace outfits of which you can see here.

Reportedly, Kim’s younger half-sister Kendall Jenner banned the reality star from attending her fashion shows. Apparently she has since lifted the ban because the Kardashian/West team was in full force for Kendall’s red carpet walk during the Givenchy show alongside the likes of Gisele Bundchen. This has prompted some to ask whether or not Kendall has really earned her chops in the field of fashion modeling because she is still so new to the game. Is she just getting by because of who she is or is she truly talented on the catwalk?

Kris Jenner seems to think that her daughter has earned her modeling stripes and had nothing but good things to say about Kendall’s career. She said, “I’m just really proud of Kendall, because she’s worked really hard to try to get her sea legs and figure out what this business is all about. I think she learned a couple of years ago how much work it is. She definitely has that work ethic gene and she’s not afraid to dig in and work hard. You know it’s not easy for these girls. That’s one thing I learned really fast when she got into this business. It’s a ton of work and you really have to be strong and committed and know what you’re doing.”

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