Kim Kardashian To Give Birth In Paris, France?

Kim Kardashian To Give Birth In Paris, France?

Reality star Kim Kardashian is said to be considering giving birth to her first baby with Kanye West in Paris, France. Does she think that the location would mean that their first born is more cultured? Could she really be that daft?

Reportedly, Kim was spotted out and about in Paris, checking out maternity wards. This prompted speculation that she was gearing up to give birth in the city of love. Not only does Kim have a super swanky apartment in Paris, but they also enforce some stricter laws against the paparazzi there.

That is also the reason why Halle Berry wanted to take her daughter Nahla to Paris, remember? That way she and her family wouldn’t be hounded by the constant paparazzi presence.

Kim and Kanye are expecting their first baby in July of this year. Do you think that she will give birth before the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton? Whose birth are you more looking forward to?

Kim Kardashian To Give Birth In Paris, France? was last modified: April 14th, 2013 by Noah Johnson
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  • Annemarie

    Of course she does cause the nitwit probably thinks her baby will pop out bilingual. Bonjour Mama!

  • jody overland

    Maybe Kim will stay in Paris and can help compensate France for the loss of Depardieu?

  • Pamela

    Haha, this sounds like a Kanye plan!