Kim Kardashian To Stay In Shape During First Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian To Stay In Shape During First Pregnancy

Reality star Kim Kardashian is desperate to stay in shape during her first pregnancy with Kanye West. Because she doesn’t want her butt to grow to the size of a small nation, she has decided to stick with her strict diet and plans for exercise.

A source revealed that Kim is working with personal trainer Tracy Anderson and is really working out a lot. The source said, “Tracy has Kim doing 20 minutes of cardio, followed by toning, then another 15 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of dancing. Kim’s also cut gluten and sugar from her diet.”

A pal said, “She jokes her sex life is cardio enough some days.”

Another spy said that Kanye is concerned that Kim is going to turn into her mother and pimp their baby out on national television as soon as it’s here. The source added, “He’s asked her to call meetings with E! TV over the baby being on the show. She’s asked him to compromise, but he doesn’t seem to be backing down.”

Is this like the time that she said that they wouldn’t be selling off the first photos of their baby? There’s no way we would think that Kim would turn down millions of dollars just for a photo shoot. That way she could totally purchase back the rights to her sex tape.

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