Kim Kardashian To Sue Bret Lockett For Defamation

Kim Kardashian To Sue Bret Lockett For Defamation

Kim Kardashian has had enough of Bret Lockett’s alleged “lies” to the media and is gearing up to serve him with a lawsuit!

According to reports, Kim’s lawyers are in the process of drafting a defamation lawsuit against Bret to be filed as early as today.

When In Touch Weekly published the story that Kim and Bret were hooking up, and had notified her people that the cover story was going to get published. Her people told the magazine that the rumors were false, but they chose to print it anyway.

Bret talked about having a physical relationship with the reality star, but clammed up when asked about it by TMZ’s Harvey Levin. Later, he confessed to Showbiz Tonight that he and Kim have never actually met.

Recently, Kim’s attorneys sent Bret a letter, telling him to hold onto whatever evidence of their relationship that he has, because he’s going to need it — in court.

Stay tuned as the drama unfolds!

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