Kim Kardashian Tried To Hide Her Pregnant Body

Kim Kardashian Tried To Hide Her Pregnant Body

Kim Kardashian said that she has tried to hide her body when she first became pregnant and now that she’s so far along, nothing looks good on her. She’s reportedly ready to give birth to Kanye West’s baby this July and does not appear to be happy at this stage in her pregnancy.

She said in a new interview, “I think I was trying to hide it for a while, but I’m still at the stage where nothing looks good, so I’ve found it really difficult to get dressed. I’m learning that stretchy is everything. Blazers and stretchy fabrics are going to be my new thing. Right now, there’s not much that will fit me.”

Her sister Kourtney, who has two children of her own, has told her that this isn’t anything unusual for pregnant mothers. She said, “That’s how your body is when you’re pregnant. At first it looks better with loose clothes, then you get to the point where it looks better in tight.”

Kim also said that Kourtney helps her out when women come up to her to give her pregnancy advice. She added, “She sees people come up to me and try to give me every single bit of information. I get overwhelmed, then she steps in and says, ‘Okay, we need to go to the bathroom now’, and she pulls me away. When it comes to pregnancy, everyone has an opinion.”

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