Kim Kardashian Trying To Impress Tim Tebow With Religion?

Even though Kim Kardashian has said that she won’t be dating anymore football players, we’ve heard that she has had her sights set on Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Since we all know how much of a religious guy Tim is, we couldn’t possibly picture them together. She’s a sex tape star and he’s a religious virgin, waiting until he’s married to do the deed. So what’s a famewhore to do? Talk about religion, of course!

Kim tweeted, “On my way to church with the girls! I want to start a Bible study group with my friends!”

Uh huh. A bible study group with a sex tape star? Sounds suspicious. Insiders say that her sudden onset of religion is just a ploy to snag Tim.

A source revealed, “Anyone who knows Kim knows what she’s up to. She thinks Tim’s hot and she knows dating him would really boost her image. And Kim could really use some help in that department.”

Another source said, “If he were just the average athlete, Kim would pull the same move she used on Kris.” Meaning that she would get front row seats to a Broncos game and then send her phone number to the locker room for him. The snitch said, “But Tim’s different. She can’t just use her sexuality.”

The insider went on to say, “Kim thinks Tim is a dream. She appreciates his courage to weather criticism about being publicly religious. So I think Kim is inspired by that act of bravery. As for the bible study, that’s nothing new. Her family was very committed to their spiritual ideas – very Catholic.”

Will it work for Kim to be able to entice Tim? A source close to the quarterback said, “Kim’s not Tim’s type at all. He likes down-to-Earth girls who aren’t high maintenance. And the sex tape is the type of thing that grosses him out.”

I think the entire planet was grossed out by that one.

Photo Credit: Koi Sojer / PCN Photos

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