Kim Kardashian: ‘Turning 31 Is Freaky’

Kim Kardashian: 'Turning 31 Is Freaky'

Sex tape star Kim Kardashian has turned 31-years-old today — and to her, the experience is just plain “freaky”.

She has gone from being a single famewhore to a famewhoring couple with her hubby Kris Humphries, but has admitted that she doesn’t exactly like the idea of turning 31.

In a new interview with E! Online, she revealed, “I think 31 is even worse. It’s like now I’m really an adult!”

Someone should probably tell this nimrod that she’s been an adult for the last 13 years. Oh well, we can let her pretend. As long as she doesn’t do it in a baby voice ala Paris Hilton.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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