Kim Kardashian Wants Kanye West’s Baby Via Surrogate

Kim Kardashian Wants Kanye West's Baby Via Surrogate

Kim Kardashian is really moving fast with her boyfriend Kanye West. She isn’t even divorced from Kris Humphries yet and she’s already talking babies?!? Of course she would use her cooter to make some extra cash (pimping out Kanye Jr. before he’s even been conceived) and it’s not like this is the first time, either, right?

Apparently Kim wants babies with the rapper, but doesn’t want her already huge butt to get even fatter. So she has basically hatched a plan to hire a surrogate. You know she would have to give up doing magazine covers and pimping out Kardashian Krap all over the planet if she got knocked up. This sounds like a good thing to me….maybe she should get pregnant and disappear for a year.

A source said that Kim is looking for a woman in her mid to late twenties with a “calm, soothing demeanor, a lot of patience and a positive outlook” to be her baby incubator. The snitch said that Kim wants a woman for the job who has siblings and is married with a happy home life. The job also pays $200,000 to cover all of the surrogate’s expenses including medical bills.

So basically she has already pimped out her babymaker and now wants someone else to do so, as well. I get it. The spy added, “As far as Kim’s concerned, this is the answer to her dreams. She desperately wants a baby with Kanye, but she doesn’t want to gain weight like her older sister Kourtney did! Kim actually said, ‘I won’t ruin my body by getting pregnant.'”

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