Kim Kardashian Wears A ‘Furkini’ In The Middle Of The Snow

Kim Kardashian Wears A 'Furkini' In The Middle Of The Snow

Kim Kardashian apparently hasn’t gotten the memo that normal people don’t walk outside in the snow wearing nothing but a bikini made completely out of fur. Is she really that dumb?!?

She shared the above photo along with some others of herself on Instagram yesterday, leaving us all to wonder if she owns a coat. She captioned one of the pictures, “Baby it’s cold outside…..”

So we know that she can differentiate between hot and cold temperatures, but we’re gathering that she doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together. Otherwise, she may have already realized that it’s moronic to go outside without a coat – let alone with barely any clothing on.

Kardashians are always famewhoring for more money, fame or both. There really is no in between, is there?

When will her fifteen minutes be over with already? Anyone wanna take a guess?

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