Kim Kardashian Weighs Herself 14 Times A Day

Kim Kardashian Weighs Herself 14 Times A Day

Reality star Kim Kardashian is so obsessed with how she looks that apparently she thinks it’s ideal to weigh herself fourteen times in any given day. She really wants to lose all of that baby weight, doesn’t she?

She has reportedly lost fifty pounds since giving birth to her first child back in June. Since, she was said to have adopted the Atkins diet in an attempt to get down to her pre-pregnancy weight. We’re guessing that Weight Watchers didn’t want to go anywhere near her because of her sex tape past?

A source revealed, “Kim has seven sets of weighing scales around her hours and weighs herself on each one twice a day. Her weight loss has been her top priority and she’s not stopping yet. She has precision digital scales, eye-level scales, two top medical scales used in the most prestigious L.A. clinics, her old bathroom scales she’s had for years and a couple of hand-painted, handmade scales which are artists’ creations.”

Are you buying this?

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