Kim Kardashian Will Never Be Sexy Again (Photo)

Kim Kardashian Will Never Be Sexy Again (Photo)

Reality star Kim Kardashian appears on the cover of the latest issue of “In Touch Weekly” and she says that she will never be sexy again. Be that as it may, she’s still rich enough that anyone she ever wanted to hook up with in the future won’t care about her saggy armpits or ginormous butt.

Kim is having a meltdown over her weight, but she doesn’t want anyone saying that she weighs a pound over 140….because that makes sense. Heh.

According to the tabloid, Kim has put on six pounds in one week and is having a royal hissy fit over it. We shouldn’t say “royal” with regard to this sex tape star, otherwise she’ll start saying she’s America’s royalty again. Still, she is apparently on some sort of liquid diet and is having a breakdown of epic proportions.

We still think she’s using a prosthetic bump so that she can lie about her weight loss after she pops out this baby. She will go on to pimp out that ridiculous weight loss crap that Scott Disick owns and they’ll all be laughing their way to the bank. She’s so fake, that one. Is Kim even her real name?

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