Kim Kardashian Won’t Record A Duet With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Won't Record A Duet With Kanye West

It’s a good day in the world when Kim Kardashian won’t famewhore herself out for publicity or money. That is exactly the case when it comes to doing a duet with her boyfriend Kanye West. Apparently Kim has realized that the world does not want to hear her sing, ever.

According to the latest reports, Kim has refused to do a duet with Kanye. She couldn’t be convinced by the rapper to get back into the studio after her first song “Turn It Up” bombed last year. Kim revealed in a new interview, “No, I’d never [make another single], that was just for fun, and for charity.”

When she was asked whether or not Kanye could get her to collaborate with him on a song, she said, “No, as good as I think he is, it’s just not my thing.”

She also said that he was the one who talked her into going into the studio in the first place. She said, “Okay, I’m not a singer, this isn’t what I do. I have too much other stuff going on. [I thought], ‘Is this really something safe for me to do?’ Kanye was actually one of the people who really talked me into doing it and telling me, like, ‘Hey, look, what do you guys do for fun? You guys go shopping, you go to the movies. Kind of step into our world for a second and have fun, and we go into the studio.’ I’m just doing it for fun.”

We are also happy to report that there isn’t an album in the works for Kim. She added, “There’s no album in the works or anything – just one song we did for the show, and a video Hype Williams directed. Half of the proceeds we’re giving away to a cancer foundation, because The Dream’s and one of my parents passed away from cancer. It’s just all having fun — with a good cause.”

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