Kim Kardashian’s Baby Is Ruining Her Life!

Kim Kardashian's Baby Is Ruining Her Life!

Kim Kardashian and her unborn fetus are front and center on the cover of the latest issue of “Life & Style” magazine. According to the tabloid, her baby with Kanye West is ruining her life! If anything, we’re guessing that the direct opposite is true. We’re going to go as far as guessing that Kim is probably legitimately set for life now that she’s been hooked up with Kanye.

The tabloid reports that Kim has let herself balloon up to 210 pounds and is busy complaining that even her hands are fat. The magazine is also hitting Kim in the pocket with claims that she’s having to give up deals worth millions because of her pregnancy.

Even worse, her boyfriend doesn’t want to see her! Do you think Kanye is cheating on Kim?

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