Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name Revealed: Kaidence Donda West?

Kim Kardashian's Baby Name Revealed: Kaidence Donda West?

Reality star Kim Kardashian gave birth to her daughter with Kanye West five weeks prior to her due date in Los Angeles on June 15, 2013. Despite having given birth, their new addition’s name was yet to be revealed, until now.

Reportedly, Kim was looking to give her daughter a traditional “K” name. Now, after a nurse let the news slip, we’ve learned that it’s more traditional than we first thought.

The name? Kaidence Donda West. It’s better than naming their daughter “North” and it also pays homage to his mother Donda, who passed away after complications from surgery. Despite the news that they’ve named their baby Kaidence, another report suggests that they’ve named her Kai Georgia Donda West. That pays tribute to Donda as well as Robert Kardashian (his middle name was George).

What do you think of the prospective names? Do you prefer Kaidence or Kai? Actually, they could shorten Kaidence to Kai, no? Cute names? Or do you hate the names already?

Did Beyonce and Jay-Z get the heads up on the name prior to the media alert?

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