Kim Kardashian’s Ginormous Butt Attended The VMAs (Photo)

Kim Kardashian's Ginormous Butt Attended The VMAs (Photo)

If you’ve ever wanted confirmation that reality actress Kim Kardashian’s butt could squash an entire city of innocent people, then look no further than last night’s red carpet appearance at the Video Music Awards. Seriously.

This broad has made comments that she’s sickened when people ask her to turn around for that booty shot during events like this. She doesn’t appear so sickened, though, does she? In fact, she’s so happy that her godzilla sized butt keeps her relevant, that she’ll show it to you faster than you can say “Paris Hilton’s reality show has been canceled.”

And my God, is that thing big? Holy crap, why would you let someone take a picture of that thing. I’m sorry for posting this so early in the day. If you’ve lost your want for lunch, we’ll completely understand.

You know what else kills me? Someone actually wanted this chick’s opinion on something! Someone at the awards show asked her for her opinion on Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement. All of the sudden her opinion matters because she got peed on in a sex tape.

The world is screwed. You heard it here first.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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