Kim Kardashian’s Plan To Reconcile With Reggie Bush Backfires!

Kim Kardashian's Plan To Reconcile With Reggie Bush Backfires!

It’s almost as if it’s November 2011 all over again with Life & Style magazine’s latest magazine cover. Are they rehashing old news?

According to their latest issue, reality TV personality Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries and then was looking to hook up with her ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush. But, again, her plan backfired! Of course, this new issue has the better title story — Kim calls herself a fool! No truer words were ever spoken.

From the cover: “An excited Kim tells Reggie he’s the one, but her heart is broken as she catches him with another girl.”

Adding insult to injury underneath that, they’ve also noted that Kris has also moved on. Oh darn. I guess Momma Bush doesn’t have anything to worry about after all? Her son is dating someone else, so she doesn’t have to worry about him falling into Kim’s clutches again.

Also featured in this issue is Matthew McConaughey and fiancee Camila Alves’ dream wedding, why Russell Brand ended his marriage to Katy Perry and 21 celebrity diet tips.

How does Kim Kardashian keep selling magazines for these tabloids? Especially when they’re basically rehashing the same old story. It’s a new year, people, at least give her a fake baby or something! Be creative!

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