Kim Kardashian’s Revenge Romance

Kim Kardashian's Revenge Romance

Since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries, she’s been rumored to be dating a number of guys. Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin and her ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush have all been factored in, but all three have rejected the reality television personality.

Tim said that he’s basically disgusted by her sex tape and a pal commented that she’s had more sex on camera than he’s had in his whole life. Jeremy basically said no thanks and Reggie denied rumors of a rekindling of their romance. So what is a famewhore to do? Leak a story to the tabloids, of course!

Star magazine has Kim featured on the front cover of their latest issue, claiming that she’s involved in a REVENGE ROMANCE! OMG U GUISE!

The tabloid reports that Kim is now dating a Saudi billionaire. But what happened to Kim giving up her famewhoring ways for Reggie?!? That WAS just last week. They’ve got this woman going through guys more than you change clothes.

Her mother probably said for her to follow the money….No matter where it leads. Because that’s how they roll… But will there be another sex tape?!?

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