KimYe Hits a Serious Low with “Bound2” Fail Music Video

KimYe Hits a Serious Low with "Bound2" Fail Music Video

If you have not yet seen the new music video “Bound 2” then you can consider yourself to have won the lottery. The “KimYe” duo (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) not only failed to hit one out of the park they failed to even step up to the plate. Kanye probably thought his “reality star fiancee” could just pout and flaunt some gratuitous nudity which would then result in millions of album sales. Could it be possible that Kanye has not yet noticed that Kim is void of all expression? Even a nude body can’t make up for that impossibly plastic face. It’s like looking at a brain-less Barbie doll on display. Wait a minute. Even Barbie has a facial expression. Kim K always seems “one-off” when she tries to connect. She has a photogenic face, but no talent or expression to back it up.

The “Bound2” video will at least give you a good laugh and it has already spawned an excellent parody featuring Seth Rogen. Take my advice and watch the two dudes ride the “hog” instead of trying to force yourself to endure the strangely bizarre actions of the self-absorbed Kim and Kanye. If not for those possible body doubles, strategic camera angles and Photo-Shopping computer software “Bound2” would have never made it past the cutting room floor. At least the video has the right title because it is Bound2 be one of the worst music videos ever created.

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