Kirstie Alley Covers ‘National Enquirer’ Magazine With Diet Reports

Kirstie Alley Covers 'National Enquirer' Magazine With Diet Reports

Kirstie Alley recently signed back on to be a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and the “National Enquirer” is back at it again with their report that Kirstie has received the final ultimatum: “Diet or Die!”

Kirstie is reported to weigh 250 pounds per the magazine’s latest cover, but if that’s the case, she certainly doesn’t look like she weighs that much. According to the tabloid, her doctor gave her the shocking warning that could quite possibly save her life.

As you may know, Kirstie appeared on “Dancing With The Stars” where she appeared to have lost a significant amount of weight. Now, in lieu of her line of Organic Liaison products, she has gotten back in bed with Jenny in order to shed the excess weight.

Also featured in this issue is a cheating scandal involving Michael Strahan and the secret that legendary actor Mickey Rooney took to his grave.

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