Kirstie Alley Wants A Bradley Cooper Hookup

Kirstie Alley Wants A Bradley Cooper Hookup

This story is a complete crackup. Apparently, Kirstie Alley actually thought she had a chance in the world of hooking up with Bradley Cooper. HA!

As much as I think Kirstie is great and she has lost a ton of weight, she doesn’t really stand a chance of becoming Bradley’s woman. She’s trying to cougar it up, for sure, and has even gone as far as asking friends to set them up. Awkward!

An insider said, “Kirstie has been desperate for a date with Bradley. Since dropping the pounds, Kirstie believes she can have any man in Hollywood – and Bradley is her number one pick. They have mutual friends, and Kirstie told them she wanted to meet Bradley. She thinks once he gets to know her, the feelings will be mutual.”

I’m dyin’ here. She’s a funny woman with a great personality, but that doesn’t change the fact that he probably wouldn’t let her beard for him, let alone date her.

The snitch went on to say, “Bradley is just about to start production on a new movie that shoots in Philadelphia. Now Kirstie is telling pals that she has some business to do in Philadelphia and that she hopes Brad will find time to have a coffee with her.”

The source added that Brad’s not feeling it one bit! The source said, “Bradley is looking to meet somebody to settle down with and start a family.”

Any takers?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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