Kirstie Alley’s Twitter Account Was Hacked!

Kirstie Alley's Twitter Account Was Hacked!

Actress Kirstie Alley is left cleaning up the mess after hackers got into her Twitter account!

She is a regular tweeter on the social networking site, often messaging fans, but her followers were surprised to see some odd Twitter messages on her page earlier this week. Apparently, someone was going and retweeting some strange messages.

She spotted the unauthorized messages and promptly removed them before calling upon the Twitter gods to launch an investigation. Her friend, Kelly Coleman, took to Twitter to notify Kirstie’s fans of the mishap.

She tweeted, “Hi this is @Kellcoleman…Kirstie’s twitter account has been hacked and any tweets RT from her in the last 48+ hours R hackers. Fixing now.”

She added, “K is alive and well and will be back soon. She loves you all.”

Hopefully she’s back to her normal tweets soon!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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